El Mariner Celebrations

El Mariner is a farmhouse located in a magical, exciting setting
that makes every celebration unique and special.

El Mariner de Sant Pau is an exclusive farmhouse ideal for holding all sorts of celebrations, including weddings, birthdays, family gatherings, corporate events, etc.

The farmhouse originally dates back to the 17th century and is known for this legend revived by the poet and priest Jacint Verdaguer:

“Once upon a time, a seafarer and his family lived in Empordà.
One day, the seafarer was caught in a great storm in the high seas that destroyed his boat.
When he reached dry land, to his utter dismay he found that the storm had wiped out his house and family.
Sad and lonely, he took the only object he had left, an oar, and decided to travel far from the sea to a place where nobody knew what an oar or indeed the sea were. When he reached Sant Pau de Segúries, some villagers exclaimed that what he was carrying was most definitely a baker’s paddle.
That response convinced him to stay in this town where no one knew the sea. Over the years he managed to rebuild his life. He devoted himself to farming and built the farmhouse which is called El Mariner de Sant Pau (The Seafarer of Sant Pau) in his honour.”

Since it was built in the 17th century, many generations of our family have lived and worked in this farmhouse. We feel a great sense of pride and responsibility for every single stone of the farmhouse and its ancillary buildings. That’s why we’ve striven to preserve this heritage of significant architectural and sentimental value.

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El Mariner de Sant Pau is a farmhouse located in the Camprodon Valley in the heart of the Pyrenees, set in breathtaking surroundings that give its different spaces a unique, distinctive character. The two interior rooms of the farmhouse have been restored respecting the original structure: stone arches with centuries of history that transmit elegance and exclusivity. Indeed, every space in the farmhouse is imbued with a unique, captivating atmosphere.

For the El Mariner Celebrations team it’s a pleasure to work in such magical surroundings, where nature and ancient furnishings have a story behind them, just like every celebration. That’s right; every celebration has a different story and we’re committed to telling it and to making sure that the protagonists and their guests can live it out. That’s why we listen to our customers and adapt our services to accommodate all their ideas, making each celebration a unique, intimate and special moment. And we manage it by combining the exclusive spaces and setting of the farmhouse with the efforts of a hard-working team that pays great attention to detail.

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If you are interested in organizing a celebration or event at El Mariner de Sant Pau, contact us for information without compromise.