In order to make sure your celebration is just the way you want it with nothing missing, at El Mariner Celebrations we offer you a series of complementary services for your wedding or corporate event. So you don’t have to worry about anything.



B Plans

Ceremonies and appetizers under a sun sail.

An alternative to interior spaces suitable both for days on which the weather is uncertain and when the sun is out in all its splendour.


Open bar

We provide an open bar service for the wedding/event dance.

The bar itself is a vintage piece dating back to the 19th century, a slice of history that contributes to the exclusivity and special character of the space.


Ambience and floral design by Blanc Trencat

We create unique ambience and floral design for your private event. THINK BIG & GO DEEP.

Visit the website Blanc Trencat and its social networks.



Technical equipment

The interior rooms are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology to meet any need: Wi-Fi connection, screens, projectors, special sound and lighting equipment...


External services

We can recommend and help you coordinate various external services to complete your celebration: catering, DJ, live music, photography and video making, fireworks, equipment hire, car hire, shuttle service...

* It is company policy not to accept commissions from external services.